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yeoman [n][en]
1)in former times was free and cultivated his own land
    Synonyms :безупречную 约曼 ヨーマン 자작농 
    See Also: freeholder 
2)officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch
    Synonyms :beefeater yeoman_of_the_guard yeoman_da_guarda бифитер 卫兵 alabardero_de_la_guardia_de безупречную дворцовый_страж 约曼 约曼的警卫 영양 ロンドン塔護衛兵 ヨーマン ガードのヨーマン yeoman_della_guardia archer_de_la_garde 자작농 영국_왕실의_근위병 
    See Also: bodyguard 

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